6 benefits of shock collars for dogs

Shock Collars for Dogs: 6 Things You Need to Know

Thomas Barrington

Whether you’re already lucky enough to own a cuddly pooch or you’re planning to add one to the family, shock collars can be a great tool to add to your supplies list. More commonly known as dog training collars, these handy devices have garnered an unfortunate reputation and often find themselves at the center of controversy.  

In this blog post, we’re going to dispel some of the myths surrounding shock collars by telling you everything you need to know about them.

Keep reading to learn more about them and how they could benefit your furry friend!

What Are Shock Collars?

 A shock collar, more widely known as a training collar, is an electronic device used to keep household pets in check. These collars are an ideal option for simple yet effective discipline, delivering sound, vibrations, or tiny electrical shocks. Many dog owners have enjoyed incredible results by using them, quelling destructive behaviors such as excessive barking, inappropriate aggression or general disobedience.

6 Facts You Should Know About Shock Collars 

While sometimes seen as controversial, shock collars for dog training are actually an excellent choice when it comes to teaching your pup how to be on their best behavior.  

Let’s take a look at some of the facts.

1.   They’re an Ideal Solution to Stop Continuous Barking

Is there anything worse than when your dog goes into full bark mode and nothing seems to snap them out of it? Not only is it irritating for you, but it’s also guaranteed to send your neighbors into a burning fury. While positive reinforcement training can be beneficial, sometimes a slightly more heavy-duty solution is required.

There is a range of shock collars available, some that deliver an automatic response and some that require the owner to send it remotely. A small yet unmistakable message is sent when the dog barks, reaffirming that barking is inappropriate and must be stopped.

We all know dogs love to be comfortable, so after just a few uses, they’ll start to recognize that less barking means avoiding any unnecessary irritation.

2.   Shock Collars Are a Training Tool, Not a Punishment

While the title suggests otherwise, shock collars are not actually designed to be a punishment. With correct and sparing use, these smart collars can be an ideal training tool when other methods aren’t making the cut.

For large breeds with genetic instincts or dogs who have ended up in a rescue shelter, it can be tough to train out bad habits. Whether it’s barking at every passing human or growling at your mailman, it’s imperative to get these behaviors under control. 

3.   They Don’t Stop Enthusiasm – They Control It 

One of the main arguments suggesting shock collars are a cruel tool is the suggestion that they rule out any enthusiasm or enjoyment. While we can understand where this idea comes from, unfortunately, it’s founded on a lack of understanding.

Shock collars are intelligent devices designed only to control negative behaviors. As an owner, you’re given authority over what these behaviors look like and how you’d like to avoid them. This means that if you’re enjoying a hike in the wild and want to give your pup the freedom to bark to their heart’s content, you’re welcome to let them. The same goes for running free in a field or chowing down on their favorite toy.

It’s not about draining the fun out of your dog’s life. It’s about showing them when excitement is appropriate and when they should be calm instead.

4.   Shock Collars Only Cause Momentary Discomfort

Dogs are rightly known as man’s best friend, and the majority of owners will do anything to stop their dogs from experiencing discomfort. Just like the age-old parenting tip of leaving your baby to cry, sometimes dogs need some tough love too.

A shock collar provides momentary discomfort in return for a lifetime of obedience – no other method delivers results quite like it. Whether you choose vibrations, beeps or small electric currents, your dog will quickly learn the difference between right and wrong, avoiding any further distress.  

5.   They Can Improve Quality of Life for You and Your Dog

Incredible as it is to welcome a dog into your life, being a new owner isn’t easy. There are many things to think about when you’re a dog parent, especially if you want to give them the happiest life possible. Constantly shouting at your furry friend and trying to reinforce good behaviors can be exhausting – that’s why a shock collar is a perfect solution.  

Once you get on top of destructive behaviors and teach your dog exactly what you expect from them, life improves for both of you. No more middle-of-the-night barking and no more aggressive playtime. Just an equal partnership between human and canine.

6.   Shock Collars Are Weather-Proof and Cover Varied Distances

Another fact you need to know about shock collars is that they’re ideal for every climate and season. Nowadays, you can find affordable dog training collars that are weatherproof AND work remotely over long distances, perfect for long hikes through the forest or super rainy mornings.

When balancing a busy lifestyle with dog ownership, it’s not always realistic to remember to carry treats wherever you go. With challenging dogs, positive reinforcement isn’t always the best solution and can increase the risk factors in any situation. A shock collar is easy to use, easy to remember, and most importantly, extremely effective.

So, those are the six things you need to know about shock collars. While you may have some doubts influenced by controversy, it’s important to remember that YOU know best. As a dog owner, nobody understands your pooch like you do.

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